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Good Gang Music Factory is about identifying and amplifying the greatest ideas in the world with music and story.

Ideas can be good or bad but they are always delivered most effectively through stories. Music delivers emotions directly to the soul, speeding us up or slowing us down so that we can experience stories more completely. Music and story are powerful tools, which means they can change the world. Good ideas make the world better; bad ideas make it worse.

We have decided to aim for a better world. We believe that the future can be better if we believe that it can be better. We believe that helping others imagine a better world will literally help create a better world.

We believe that this only happens one person at a time, and that the power of this is about to be realized.

We live in a world of distraction. We need ways to keep us oriented toward the good that is possible if we keeping going and keep growing. We need to learn and then remember what we can do if we try.

That is why.

Thank you for joining us.

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